What is Tube Poker?

Ever sat on an underground train and felt you were being watched? You might have been an unsuspecting participant in a game of Tube Poker, the gambling phenomenon that's sweeping the globe.

This is Poker with a difference - cards are replaced by people. Whether male or female, young or old, everyone is worth a certain value. The game can be played by two opposing players on any train with five seats in a row.

Originating in Japan in the late 80's as "Subway Poker" and tightly controlled by crime syndicates, the game has subsequently spread to many major cities around the world.

Tube Poker is an entirely original short film about a dangerous, addictive game that has left several dead and hundreds more injured. Involving interviews, foreign news reports and undercover police footage, this groundbreaking film ultimately reveals the final and shocking truth about Tube Poker.